Our installers have experience working with various kinds of make and brands of equipment. We offer free estimates to our customer to ensure they are getting the right product to heat their home. Air Turbulencia is dedicated to our customers’ complete satisfaction. Our installers are available for emergency installations that are needed for our customers’ furnace needs.

Furnace Variety 

Unlike other furnace installation companies, Air Turbulencia is not a branded company. We are a company that works with diverse types of brands that can be installed, with the choice of all diverse types of furnace, we are guaranteed to get the best one for your home and budget. Each home is different in what kind of furnace they may need.

Furnace Installations

There becomes a time that a homeowner will need to replace even the best furnace there is. Call Air Turbulencia to get quality service on your furnace installation needs. The technicians are Air Turbulencia will ensure that the furnace we recommend for your home, will be the most efficient and comfortable for your family’s needs. Air Turbulencia understands that as a homeowner, you may be busy and have limited time even for the most important things as furnace installations. Our company allows flexible time slots as well as same-day service.

Repair Vs Replacement

Heating systems can be tricky depending on what is going on with the unit. To figure out if you should replace your furnace or repair it, having a license technician evaluate the problem is the first step. Give us a call at Air Turbulencia if your furnace is giving you any problem. Our technician will come to your home and give the furnace a full evaluation to ensure nothing is missed. Furnaces are important to get checked. If you are hearing noises, this could indicate a crack within the heat exchange. A cracked heat exchanger could mean that there is a serious leak that could leak carbon monoxide into your duct system. With an issue like this, immediate replacement is required.

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    goodman technologyWe install the most reliable, high-quality systems by Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating. Goodman is part of the Daikin Group, the number one residential and commercial HVAC manufacturer in the world.

    Every Goodman brand product is protected by a limited warranty on all functional parts. All Goodman brand products provide what we believe to be industry leading warranty protection.

    Why would you settle for anything less?

    • Enjoy a perfect home climate within your budget
    • Save money on high Tampa electric bills
    • Avoid costly repairs with a new AC installation
    • Get rid of allergens and odors from the old system
    • Reduce noise and eliminate hassles
    • Peace of mind with warranty on new system and installation


    Tampa’s climate puts quite a bit of strain on an old air conditioning system and you really don’t want to be without air conditioning in the summer here. But are you better off repairing your current system or upgrading to a new one? When you schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, we will help you evaluate your existing system to determine whether you really need to upgrade or simply need some repairs completed.  Some things to consider:

    • Is your system more than 7 years old?
    • Are your electricity bills higher than normal?
    • Has your system had several repairs?
    • Are some rooms in your home too hot or too cold?
    • Does anyone in the family have allergies?
    • Are there smells or odors that won’t go away?
    • Is your system noisy, always running, or causing issues?

    Our professionals will be happy to evaluate your situation and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to upgrade you to a new system. If your system just needs some repairs, we can help with that too.

    Free Consultation

    Take advantage of our offers and services. Ask and we answer.

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